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General Manager's Message

The Known history starts with the Stone-age and develops through millenniums to reach our time.

Most of the solid information we have in hand about past civilizations are extracted from the stone ruins, carvings on stone panels, paintings and carvings on cave walls, which could resist nature and its forces for thousands of years.

Before the invention of reinforcement technology, mankind has used stone to build cities with roads, bridges, temples, accommodations and many other, which still impresses us with their beauty and durability.

 No matter how the technology might improve, in what sorts and shapes we may process metal, regardless of how many new inventions we can introduce, to our future, stone will remain one of the major elements in our lives.

Being a part of Natural Stone Industry, we may not be able to express our emotional connection with our business and that’s why we always strive to utilize the Stone in a way, where the output expresses the art in it, by itself.

General Manager
Fujairah Marble and Tiles Center

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